Access Center and Breaking Silence Peer Group

If you are a part of the LGBTQIA and Disability communities, or an ally, we welcome you. If you want to talk and share your story and life experiences, we encourage you. Come together to mingle, share your knowledge and views, have fun, and make friends.

Where: Ellis Human Development Institute  

9 Edwin C Moses Blvd. / Dayton, Ohio 45402 /

(937) 341-5202 ext. 1007 voice / 711 Ohio Relay

When: Contact Maria Matzik: for details and to receive monthly announcements  

Refreshments will be available!

Sign Language Interpreters and materials in alternative format: Available upon request. Please request interpreter service and alternative format at least 1 week prior to the date listed above. Please request either by calling: (937) 341-5202 voice or 711 Ohio Relay / or email:

The Peer Group is a fragrance-free event.  We ask that you refrain from wearing cologne and scented products out of consideration for people with chemical sensitivities and breathing problems.  We do our best to provide an environment that everyone can feel comfortable in.

About 6 years ago, the Access Center became aware that many individuals who identify as part of the Disability Community and the LGBTQIA Community do not feel as though they are welcomed, or belong, in either community. We have made attempts to reach out to the LGBTQIA community in Dayton, but was met with a lack of understanding regarding what our communities had in common.

While attending and participating in the Breaking Silence conference, we were reminded once again of the lack of inclusion between our two communities. What stood out even more was just how similar the fight was / is for both communities. We always thought this, but the conference validated our belief. Some of the issues addressed by individuals who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Trans., Queer, etc. stated the same things that the Disability Community fight for: Equality, Dignity, Justice, Civil and Human Rights, a place to pee, just to name a few! We just kept thinking, “What a powerful voice we would have / be if we just joined together”!

We would like to invite individuals who identify as a person with a Disability as well as who identify as part of the LGBTQIA community to come to a social gathering. Our hope is to offer a safe space for individuals to come together, talk, share experiences, and discuss ways to overcome and challenge society’s barriers and oppression.

We have requested permission to use the Breaking Silences logo. We are committed to honoring the basic tenets of the conference, which is Crip Justice, “to dispel ableist beliefs and provide a safe space for open discussion and learning to promote equality, inclusivity, and social justice”.

We would like to respect and honor the intersection of the disability and LGBTQIA experience.

Please, join us and other members of these two communities. There is no structure to or expectation of this meeting or the individuals participating. This space / time will belong to the individuals who attend and what they want it to be.

The Access Center will be offering:

Various presentations that will focus on the Disability Community and the LGBTQIA Community. The first presentation is planned for the Fall of 2018. Date and Time to be determined. Keep checking our News and Events tab at the top of our Home Page:

A Resource page on our website: for members of the LGBTQIA community and the intersectionality with disability.

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