Tell Medicaid what needs to be fixed! MCO Contracts are up for bid!

I would imagine everyone knows about the re-bid of the managed care contracts, but also wanted to make sure that everyone was urging consumers to voice their thoughts.  While people can read the 37 question RFI from Medicaid, UHCAN Ohio is providing some simpler ways for people to talk about what needs to stay in the plans and what needs to change – see below.  I would appreciate any assistance in getting consumers to comment to Medicaid.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid is going to change the way that the health plans must cover Medicaid health care. They will do this by making new contracts with insurance companies to offer Medicaid managed care plans. UHCAN Ohio wants to make sure Medicaid hears what is important to you.

Help consumers tell Medicaid what needs to be fixed and what is working.  We will share your thoughts with Medicaid.  UHCAN Ohio must submit all comments to the Ohio Department of Medicaid by July 30, 2019.  Use our online survey to provide comments.  Complete either the four minute version or the twelve minute version of the survey, you choose at the beginning of the survey.

Or hand out a short paper version  of the survey and send it back to us at

Share this survey with everyone who has been on Medicaid.  All voices are important.

UHCAN Ohio believes that patients and consumers should play a large role in deciding their health care plans and the state’s health care policy. We help people to share their thoughts with the state and others so that health care represents what people need. 




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