Additional Services

The Access Center’s Think This is Easy? Training Program

This is a hands on training that allows the individuals to experience various disabilities and improve their abilities to work with individuals in the community.

This is a great opportunity for service providers to have their staff trained that will be working with individuals in the community with a disability. If you would like more information on the program, call the center today.


Youth Transitioning Program

The Access Center, in partnership with Dayton Public Schools, facilitates a Youth Transition Program to teach and prepare student’s independent living skills to transition to adulthood.

The 7th/8th grade program pairs students with and without disabilities and focuses on soft skills and independent living skills, such as disability awareness, communication, personal hygiene, finance and nutrition and is held in the schools.

The Super Senior program serves students from ages 18-21 and  focuses on disability awareness, communication, and mock interviews and is held at  our location in the community.

Please call Melinda Mays, MSW, Youth Transition Program Manager for more information.


Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group

This is a regular support group here at the center that brings together individuals that have been impacted by a TBI. We will soon be starting a caregiver support group to meet in conjunction with this group.