HOME Choice Services

The Access Center works to assist individuals with returning to the community with the needed supports to remain sustainable long term. We believe that individuals have the right to be independent with community based support and are here to assist in the process. We currently work through the Ohio HOME Choice Program, an Ohio Medicaid program. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our Transition Coordinators, please call us at 937-341-5202

The Access Center is a provider for Transition Coordination, Independent Living Skills, and Community Support Coaching.

HOME Choice
What is  HOME Choice?
HOME Choice is a program that assists persons of any age with disabilities who wishes to move from a long-term care facility to a home and community setting. HOME Choice provides participants:
Greater choice and control over the services they receive in their preferred setting.
Assistance to help them move back into the community. Some areas of assistance include: locating housing, setting up a household, connecting to services and goods necessary to live in the community, such as health care, pharmaceutical, personal assistance, and many more.

Who is eligible to participate in HOME Choice?
To participate in HOME Choice, you must be a person of any age who”
Has lived in a facility setting for at least three months
Is eligible for Medicaid
Has certain care needs