Urgent EIP info for Social Security Beneficiaries with Dependents and new Social Security webinars for May June 2020

Social Security Card and Cash

Hello once again from your local Social Security offices!!  We hope this message finds you well.  We wanted to share some important updates for you and your staff:

EIP/Stimulus Payments and Social Security Beneficiaries with Dependents

  • IRS and Treasury have announced that Social Security beneficiaries with qualifying dependent children under 17 who have NOT filed income tax returns in 2018-2019 should register for dependent payments at the IRS non-filers page  by tomorrow Wed, 4/22/2020 for their dependent children payments.
  • See additional info in the links below this email.
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New FREE Social Security Webinars Listings for May-June 2020

  • Please see our brand new May-June FREE webinars for the public and professionals.  We design and conduct all sessions right here, locally!
  • The public sessions are open to all, anyone is free to join.
  • The professional sessions are not intended for general distribution to the public/clients.  We plan the professionals series specifically for those with a working knowledge of our benefit programs, and go in-depth with specific topics.

Remote Trainings for Your Staff and Organization

  • Along with our webinar calendars, we work with many agencies and organizations to offer remote sessions similar to our public offerings, but designed for your staff and needs.
  • It’s a tough time for everyone, but people need to know about Social Security retirement, disability, and Medicare options – now more than ever. Email us if you want to schedule a session for your employees.

As always, thanks for all you are doing to help our communities and beneficiaries during this time  Please join us for a webinar, and keep safe!!


Social Security Public Affairs – Central and Southern Ohio

Greater Dayton/Springfield: Theresa Busher  [email protected]
Metro Cincinnati: Kelly Draggoo  [email protected] 
Columbus and Surrounding Area:
Dan Damceski  [email protected]

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