Performance and Effectiveness Policy



Performance and  Effectiveness Policy



WHEREAS the Access Center for Independent Living board of directors seeks to establish a policy on effectiveness assessment to help ensure that the organization has defined, measurable goals and objectives in place to evaluate the success and impact of its program(s) in fulfilling these goals andobjectives,


IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Access Center for Independent Living board of directors adopts the following policy:


1.    At least once every two years, the Access Center for Independent Living will review its goals and objectives toward achieving its mission and will complete a performance and effectiveness assessment of its programs based on thatreview.


2.    Such an assessment will be conducted under the authority of the Access Center for Independent Living Board and/or a committee selected by the board to include at minimum 3 board members, Executive Director, or another designated employee of the center.


3.    The Access Center for Independent Living Board will receive a written report of this assessment:

(a)  Describing the activities that the center undertook in the prior two years to achieve its goals and objectives. (704 Report annually)

(b)  Identifying the measures used to assess the center’s effectiveness in achieving its goals and objectives.

(c)  Analyzing the effectiveness of the center’s programs in achieving the center’s goals and objectives.

(d)  Recommending future actions, the center might take to increase effectiveness based on thefindings.


4.    At the conclusion of this process, the Access Center of Independent Living will revise the goals and objectives for the center, as needed, for the upcoming term and will suggest means of measuringthem.



Effective February 18, 2021








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